matizze Sunrise - starter package
matizze Sunrise - starter package
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matizze Sunrise - starter package

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Unlike ours Sunshine products the Sunrise line is perfect for companies with an IT department or for people with IT experience. Here you can manually connect your gateway to the matizze server in the cloud.


Modern presentation, easy handling

The matizze e-ink color displays are ideal for various industries:

  • In the gastronomy as a label for table reservations or displaying the current day ticket.
  • In the Hotel business guests are greeted individually in their rooms and informed about attractive offers.
  • Office workers can provide your desk or your door signs with information about yourself. At conference rooms it is possible to publish the occupancy times in calendar form.
  • The retail trade can display all product information and suitable product images.

The matizze displays present prices, offers and further information reliably and in a modern way. The modern, slim and timeless design of the matizze signs hugs where you need them. And best of all: the displays are handled intuitively and updates can be easily installed via browser or via the matizze app when you are out and about.


Our vision

We at matizze have set ourselves the goal of giving every entrepreneur and private consumer the chance to realize their digital dreams. It is important to us that we technical Keep the aspect of digital signage as low as possible with matizze and the creative part particularly highlight.


Creative designs

You can not only show texts and prices on the displays. You can let your creativity run free and also incorporate shapes, images and QR codes. This turns your displays into individual information platforms and your customers or visitors look forward to unusual designs and further input.


Smart control on the go

in the you can easily manage your displays - either stationary on your PC or mobile with your mobile phone via the app. In this way, changes can be incorporated at short notice - exactly at the moment when you have the idea. You have countless freedom - create your own template easily in our

The starter package

Our electronic signage consists of three components: the product labels, the gateway and the software. To test our matizze solution, you can receive a starter package from us that contains everything you need for the first steps:

1x matizze-sunrise gateway

1x 4.2 inch E-Ink color display - matizze Sunrise

1x 2.9 inch E-Ink color display - matizze Sunrise

1x 2.13 inch E-Ink color display - matizze Sunrise

+ we guarantee you support in every situation.


Configuration and installation

In the current starter package there is a gateway that has to be preconfigured. However, we are happy to take over the configuration for you in advance.

Needs for configuration

Free IP address in the network (this receives the gateway)

IP address from the internal router

You have to do that

Activate a firewall port.

For an automated solution, choose the matizze sunshine star package.


Advantages of the starter package

- quick, coordinated selection

- The essential products are available in one package.

- With the purchase you save 8% on the conventional individual price.


Technical specification

 Technische Spezifikationen Sunrise Gateway


Update through the gateway

Encrypted communication with random authentication takes place in both directions between the matizze Sunrise gateway and the display. This ensures that no data can be manipulated on the transfer path. Depending on the ambient conditions, the displays can be addressed and updated within a radius of 100 meters from the gateway.

 Kommunikation zwischen Gateway und Displays


Flexible feet and mounting options

Using the appropriate Mounts you can place the labels on your office table, hang them on your shelf or hang them on the wall. If our brackets are not sufficient for your project or do not meet your requirements, we are always able to have individual fastenings adapted for you.

 Befestigungen matizze


Talk to us

Here at matizze we stand for the best quality and highest customer satisfaction. If you have any questions or want to give us feedback, please contact us directly. You can find our contact details here.


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